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Gourmet Popcorn

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Looking for a snack that's a little bit fancy and a whole lot of fun? Look no further than EATABLE wine-infused popcorn! A perfect pairing of a classical snack with the flavors of delicious wine, spirits and cocktails! Cheers to a snack that's as fun as it is delicious! (40g)

  • Pop the Champagne:  combines the creamy, dreamy goodness of white chocolate with the sophisticated, sparkling flavors of your favorite bubbly. Cheerful, bubbly + sweet.
  • Poppin' rosé all day: Air-popped whole-grain popcorn kernels coated in a light, crisp candied covering infused with rose wine. Slightly fizzy and tart with notes of watermelon and strawberry. Baked to deliver a satisfying crunch.  Sweet, fresh + fruity.

Note: While real alcohol is infused into this popcorn, the alcohol content gets burned off during the cooking process, leaving the residual base flavour notes. The finished product is virtually alcohol-free.

Gluten-free   |   Non-GMO   |   Natural   |   Vegetarian   |   Made in Canada


Pop the champagne: White chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Soy lecithin, Natural vanilla flavour), Popcorn, Sugar crystals (Sugar, Lactose (Milk), Corn syrup solids, Carbon dioxide), Coconut oil, Champagne extract, Cacao butter

Poppin' rosé all day: Sugars (cane sugar), Popcorn, Organic Strawberry Jam (Strawberries*, Cane Sugar*, Pectin Solution (Water, Apple Pectin), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Citric Acid), Butter (Milk), Glucose Syrup, Rosé, Cream of Tartar, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin