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Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by!! My name is Melissa Zoe and I am delighted that you are here!

When I was pregnant with my son Christopher, in 2014, I became acutely aware that the chemicals and toxins found in the foods, skincare products and cleaning supplies I was using could pose a risk to my unborn child. I was appalled at the use of additives, carcinogens, irritants and allergens, in addition to the lack of transparency and regulation surrounding these risky ingredients.

I then embarked on a journey to find the best natural everyday essentials for myself and my baby.

I delved even further into this project in 2015, when my MBA practicum project at McGill University consisted of writing a comprehensive business plan. I launched myself into creating a business that could help support new and soon-to-be moms, with 100% natural everyday essentials. My vision was to curate useful care packages that celebrate moms and encourage them to indulge in some well-deserved TLC! The idea stayed on paper, and at the forefront of my mind for 6 years! By the time I left my investment management career and took the risk to launch Bundles of Zoe, I’d realised that it wasn’t just new and expecting moms who could benefit from reducing stress and improving their wellbeing. After much testing, product research, ingredient analysis and testing, we launched our first six maternity and self-care bundles! Soon after starting this business, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She became increasingly conscious of the ingredients in the products she had been using, and found comfort in many of my shop’s non-toxic skincare items, and soothing teas and snacks. As she progressed from diagnosis to chemotherapy & radiation therapy treatment, to surgery and post-surgery recovery, she found many of these products helped soothe her skin, eased her nausea and brought her comfort during an otherwise difficult time. There was no other local business that offered curated cancer support gifts free of toxins, scents and harsh ingredients.

I knew that a thoughtfully curated cancer bundle filled with useful, chemical-free items could be a convenient and meaningful way for others in my community to support their loves ones.

Clean. Customized. Convenient.

I am profoundly passionate about my role as a mother, encouraging better health through self-care and toxic-free everyday products, and making a positive difference in people’s lives. It is so touching and heartwarming to hear that my gift bundles have uplifted, inspired, and supported you and your loved ones, especially during life’s most challenging times.

My vision for Bundles of Zoe is to alleviate the stress of gift-giving by specially-curating each bundle, adding in a handwritten card, and shipping it right to the recipient's front door!

I would be honored to help curate a thoughtful bundle on your behalf for someone special. Thank you for browsing my shop and choosing to support my business.