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Thoughtfully curated gift boxes to brighten someone’s day!

Bundles of Zoe makes it easy to send a heartfelt and practical care package whether you’re celebrating a happy occasion or offering support during a time of need.

Made Locally

Our care packages are curated almost exclusively with goods made locally by Canadian-owned businesses (75% are crafted in Canada and 20% in the United States).


We are particularly sensitive to curating a heartfelt gift on your behalf, that will brighten the recipient’s day and encourage them to take care of themselves, no matter the occasion or circumstances.


We are proud to offer a wide range of vegan products, promote the use of plastic-free packaging and support goods crafted without the use of chemicals that would be harmful to us, our wildlife or our planet.


This bundle was made just for you.

Looking for a thoughtful and practical gift to brighten someone’s day? We’ve got you covered with high-quality, all-natural self-care packages.

Bundles of Zoe makes it easy for you to delight any recipient with a personalized and hassle-free wellness gift, shipped directly to their front door! Whether you’re looking to provide support to an individual navigating a tough time or to spoil someone as they celebrate one of life’s highs, our gift bundles are a heartfelt and practical gift!

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Give the gift of care

We are proud to offer high quality care packages, specially curated for men and women battling all stages of cancer. Whether the recipient has recently been diagnosed, is awaiting test results, recovering from surgery or undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments, our Cancer Care bundles are a thoughtful gift to support those who are navigating one of life’s most challenging journeys.

Our trusted partners.

We have partnered with some of the most reputable and trusted clean brands. We favour non-toxic products that use simple, natural, and locally sourced ingredients that are safe for your family & our environment. Most of the companies we work with are eco-friendly, female-run businesses that manufacture their products right here in Canada!